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Raspberry Pi Vitals Check

Vitals is a small shell script I wrote that prints out some basic stats of your Raspberry Pi. This is intended for The Rasbian distribution, and has not been tested on other systems. (yet)
The majority of the command runs using the vcgencmd command. This will receive some system stats when ran. Here are a list of the commands;
$ vcgencmd commands="vcos, ap_output_control, ap_output_post_processing, vchi_test_init, vchi_test_exit, pm_set_policy, pm_get_status, pm_show_stats, pm_start_logging, pm_stop_logging, version, commands, set_vll_dir, led_control, set_backlight, set_logging, get_lcd_info, set_bus_arbiter_mode, cache_flush, otp_dump, codec_enabled, get_camera, get_mem, measure_clock, measure_volts, measure_temp, get_config, hdmi_ntsc_freqs, hdmi_status_show, render_bar, disk_notify, inuse_notify, sus_suspend, sus_status, sus_is_enabled, sus_stop_test_thread, egl_platform_switch, mem_validate, mem_oom, mem_reloc_stats, file, vctest_memmap, vctest_start, vctest_stop, vctest_set, vctest_get" 

This is a cool little shell script that i wrote to keep an eye on system stats at any time. I plan on eventually adding some more, and cleaning it up a bit.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 4.02.26 PM
Here is a screen shot of the output.
Check back for more updates and other things.
Thanks for checking it out!